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Do You Have A Life?

On Sunday afternoon I spent the afternoon with a group of friends watching the SuperBowl.  I am not a sports fan but I will get together when others are watching it just for the social atmosphere.  This time was the first time in quite a while that I was able to get out and just hang out with friends in a relaxing atmosphere.  Afterwards, I was very refreshed and felt a way that I hadn’t in many months.

Over the last few months I have been quite busy and didn’t have much time to get out and often when I had the possibility to go out I avoided it.  This was not deliberate, but since I was busy and spending a lot of time by myself or only with Peggy so I was getting out of touch with my social skills so when I was given the opportunity I declined it.  I began to decline invitations more and more because I was growing afraid of interacting with people.  I really don’t know what I was afraid of because people in general aren’t difficult to interact with but I just knew I was afraid.

Ever since we moved into our house there is a never-ending list of things to do around the house so I have had less time than I did when we lived in the apartment.  Also, since Peggy has been pregnant there is a shrinking list of things she is able to do and so mine grows.  And I have been seriously trying to work on this website on a regular basis I haven’t had much time to get out and relax.  Combining all those things together I haven’t had much time for myself nor spending much time with others.

My friend James usually makes a trip down here to watch the SuperBowl and I don’t get to see him very often so I made sure I left that slot of time open to hang out with him and a bunch of others.  It was very good for me because it made me realize how much spending time with others really helps my spirits.  I have been a bit down and grumpy (Peggy can attest to that) but I felt my spirits lift and I’m much happier in my day-to-day life just because I practiced being social.

Why is Social Media so Popular?

Humans are social creatures.  We cannot help it; we need other human beings to really thrive.  Even in the blogging community you read about groups of bloggers getting together because blogging can be a very isolating job.  That is why social media sites are doing so well.  They capitalize on an essential aspect of our humanness.  If we were not social creatures, then websites like Facebook would not have hundreds of millions of users.

Spending time by yourself certainly has its place (how would we get any work done if we didn’t spend time alone?) but we need time to spend with other human beings to connect and grow.  I’m sure all the extroverts are thinking “Well duh, tell me something I don’t know”, but this may be new to some of us introverts.  Extroverts get their strength from other people, by talking to them, hanging out with them, etc. But us introverts gain strength from being alone.  We “recharge” when we are by ourselves.  Please don’t ask us why because we don’t know why, that’s just the way we are.

But as a human being there is a part of us that needs to “recharge” only by being with other people just like in my case.  I was so out of touch with others I was drained and moody.  I have now recieved a boost of energy from my hang out time on Sunday but I must also remember to spend time with other people on a regular basis because that energy will surely run out if I don’t recharge it.

Blogging Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

Yesterday Michael Arrington at TechCrunch posted about a bad experience he had while at the DLD Conference.  He was deliberatly spat on and before he could determine who it was, got lost in the crowd.  It was undoubtedly a flustered individual who didn’t sell his or her idea to Michael and was bitter because of it. 

He also recounts a time when he was afraid for his life because of threats on his life and how he lived in hiding to avoid them.  TechCrunch is a website that focuses on entrepreneurship and technology so why would Michael need to fear for his life?  That must have been a very frustrated individual but it still does not give him the right to threaten others to get what he wants. 

Are threats a sound business practice?

I’m not an expert in proper business practice but I do know that behavior like that will not get you anywhere.  I’m glad that Michael did not give him exposure and an endorsement for spitting in his face.  You must treat others with respect even if it isn’t the outcome you desired.  People, because they are human, deserve respect and when you don’t give it, it gets noticed.  What would happen if one of his potential customers saw him spit in Michael’s face?  Would they be eager to do business with Mr. Spitter? No, certainly not. Well, unless they are fearful that they would get spit on if they refused.

As a business owner, or at least as a friend, I would like to have respect from anyone I meet.  And I don’t mean wanting something more, I just want to be treated in a way that doesn’t involve spitting, yelling or insulting me, my family or my ethics.  This is not hard to do because all you need to do is maintain a level of no-disrespect and you will likely satisfy 90% of the population, including me.  As long as you refrain from disrespecting someone you will likely get in their good books without much work.  Mr Spitter crossed the line and disrespected Michael.

I really appreciate the work that Michael and the crew at TechCrunch are doing because I am a faithful reader and love the content they deliver.  Because of this incident Michael has decided to take some time off from working for a few weeks so I would like to express my understanding and wish him all the best during his time off. 

Keep These 6 Words Off Your Resume

Squawkfox posted an informative article about 6 words that will make your resume suck.  Not only does he give the 6 words (some of them aren’t words but phrases) but he goes into detail to say what makes them suck so much.  I like this article because it’s very common to see words and phrases that you should put on a resume but rarely do you find advice on what NOT to put on your resume.

The six words that he advises to keep off your resume are:

  • Responsible for
  • Experienced
  • Excellent Written Communication Skills
  • Team Player
  • Detail Oriented
  • Successful

After reading through this article I went through my own resume and changed some of these instances.  It was not easy because it really forced me to give concrete examples of what I did.

Falun Gong: What To Make Of It?

I am certainly very surprised how many people feel strongly about Falun Gong.  I honestly didn’t think anyone would have commented on the post about Divine Performing Arts and would have ignored it as if it doesn’t exist.  But was I wrong.

My post about my dislike for the Divine Performing Arts performance did not indicate any negative feelings toward the religion Falun Gong whatsoever but it looks as though some have misunderstood my statement.  I have no negative feelings toward the religion Falun Gong, I but rather disliked the performance because it was an evangelistic recruiting ground for the religious doctrine that I had to pay to attend.  If it was free or I was made aware of the evangelistic nature beforehand I would have probably been fine with it because I would have known what to expect.

From reading all the comments most people either feel strongly for or against Falun Gong.  It seems that some of my readers have capitalized on the opportunity to say their beef about Falun Gong.  I actually should have expected this because with all topics regarding religion there are always people who have a strong opinion either way. I certainly don’t mind what anyone has to say about Falun Gong (because I have yet to formulate an opinion), but arguments that insult or put-down those who don’t agree with you really won’t carry much weight to convince others.  Just like the person who said I was probably paid by the Chinese regime for writing a bad review: do you think calling me names will actually sway me to the other side? I certainly hope not.

As for me, I am going to start doing my own reading about Falun Gong and will use that to formulate my own opinion about it.

The Truth About Falun Gong

It seems that my post about Divine Performing Arts sparked quite a bit of interest.  The post actually got featured on a site referring to the Truth on Falun Gong.  What I wrote was my opinion and not fact so I sure hope its readers can distinguish that but due to my dislike of the performance, it does help their cause.  I guess that is why they featured my post on their site.

The URL for the website I was featured on was facts.org.cn so I looked around the website to see how many “facts” they had about Falun Gong.  At first glance their negative bias of Falun Gong stuck out like a sore thumb so I knew whatever I was going to see would likely be against it.  After poking around for a bit I didn’t find any articles that argued for the practise of Falun Gong so it turns out that it is not a site about Facts of Falun Gong, but rather an anti-Falun Gong site.  They probably paid by the Chinese regime.