Our New Focus at Ryan & Peggy Dot Com

by Ryan

I’ve been thinking about a finding a focus for Ryan & Peggy Dot Com over the last few weeks because without a focues we will just be shooting around in the dark.  Also as long as we don’t have a focus we won’t know when we’ve reached the point where we want to be.  This blog is a place where you will be able to learn about our family as well as grow with us as we go through different stages in our lives.  But I want our blog to be a unique place on the web that makes us different than the millions of other blogs out there.

Our Focus

I have been wracking my brain to discover what makes us unique and how we would be able to focus our blog to give us an edge.  After about a week of thinking about it wherever I went I got an idea of what makes us special from the other 6 billion other people on the planet.  As you may have seen from the pictures on this website, and various home videos that I am Caucasian Canadian and Peggy is Chinese which means our home is a combination of two completely different cultures.

After talking to Peggy about this we decided that our blog will now have a focus on our family but with a special focus on how the Chinese and Canadian cultures impact our marriage and family.  There is no actual way for us to remove our cultures from our marriage and family life because that is the way we grew up so our impression of marriage and family were given to us this way.  So with our website we will accentuate our cultural differences and how they have shaped our marriage and home we’ve made together.  By doing this we will take advantage of our uniqueness to help you learn about our two cultures and what we have done to keep them alive.

A Bonus

Another thing we would like to bring to this website is history and interesting tidbits of each of the cultures to help you understand both cultures better.  I have learned so many things about the Chinese culture since I have been married to Peggy.  I also have learned a lot about myself being married to her and quite a few why and why not’s.  There many things I do that I never knew why, and since Peggy is from another culture she would wonder why so that would challenge me to find out the reason.

I hope you enjoy what we will be bringing to you and if there is anything you would like to know about either culture, please feel free to contact us and we’d love to share.