Labor is taking forever…

by Ryan

On Monday we went to see the midwife and at that time Peggy was already 4 cm dilated. This was big news for us because Peggy was already in the second stage of labor and we had no idea that we were in the first. So I took the rest of the day off to get caught up on the last-minute things that I needed to get done before the baby comes. It is now Thursday night and the baby still isn’t here. Her contractions are getting closer and closer together but nothing regular or uncomfortable for her.

This whole waiting game is really killing me. Everywhere I go I’m on edge that Peggy will call or her contractions will spontaneously start becoming stronger and we won’t be able to get to our preferred birth place. I am excited about the whole process and I know that these days are truly exciting knowing that she could go into labor at any time, but the perfectionist in me is pulling his hair out.

I like things to be known and planned for so this whole on-edge feeling wherever I go is uncomfortable. I know Peggy is the one who is pregnant, but I’m the one who is uncomfortable. Once the baby is born, I will definitely look back on these days and laugh at my behavior because I am truly acting like a goof-ball, I even know it now.

Anyway, if there are any other fathers out there who are going through the same thing or have gone through it, any advice or comments are appreciated. Thanks.